Guidance for decontamination, 1 year after OCP+

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I bought our car new a year ago, and with <50 miles on it had the car prepped and coated in OCP+. Since then I've followed the suggested cleaning routine of:


-Rinse the car down with a pressure washer.

-Spray on Power Clean (3:1)

-Rinse car a second time with power washer.

-Wash car with the Big Red Sponge, using ONR Wash & Shine as directed on the label.

-Spray with Hyper-Seal and dry with clean CarPros "Dry Me Crazy" towel.


Been following that routine just about each weekend, if the weather allows. The car always cleans up easily and looks great. But, it's been a year and now there's the expected contaminants and deposits that are leaving the paint feeling a little rough. So what products and procedures should I use for my next wash to remove those contaminants and have the car feeling super smooth and slick? I'm assuming ferrex is one of the things I'll need? Just spray it on like I do the Power Clean? Should I do it before or after the Power Clean step? I'm also thinking it needs to be clayed, but I don't see any Optimum clay products listed in the store, or maybe missed them. And I should use that clay product as part of the ONR wash stage, with the ONR being the lubricant?

Any additional steps I should do for this annual "spring cleaning"?


Thank you!


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Nathan, depending on how often you wash your car, using Power Clean every time might be overkill.  For a periodic chemical decontamination, FerreX and MDR are good products to remove additional pollutants.  You can clay OCP+ but be careful not to mar (you can't polish coatings) - I think clay towels are most the gentle choice and if you contact Optimum directly (901-363-4955) they may still have the towels in inventory.  You can use ONR at clay lube ratio (2 oz to 1 gallon) or spray wax, a very safe method.  I'm attaching information on chemical decontamination:


  1. Pre-Wash with ONR

  2. MDR at 1:3. Safe to use around glass and trim.  Can be sprayed over the ONR surface.  Let dwell for 3-5 mins.  Do not let dry.

  3. Agitate if heavily contaminated by using a microfiber towel (plush towel/long nap) that has been soaked in the ONR bucket.  Go around the entire vehicle with the towel on the ONR/MDR surface mix.  Do not place the towel back into the ONR bucket. 

  4. Power Clean at 1:3. Keep it off glass.  Let it dwell for a couple minutes.  Agitate with a microfiber towel soaked in ONR.  Do not put towel back into ONR bucket.

  5. Rinse.  Rinse with hose water.

  6. FerreX.  Can agitate with ONR damp microfiber

  7. Rinse.  Final Rinse. 

Also attaching a clay towel youtube video:

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this decontamination should not effect your Gloss-Coat...if done occasionally.   There are some strong chemicals involved and if overused, they will reduce the Coating over time.  It should actually return the shine and hydrophobic if they've become muted.

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One more thing 

The mdr can be sprayed using my ik foam sprayer  or any kind of bottle sprayer  this would certainly make it a lot faster no chance of drying 

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Not to hijack the thread, but I've looked elsewhere for an answer. And, yes I know I won't really get a "foam" per se, but...

Since you mention a foam sprayer, can ONR be used in a foam cannon/pressure washer system? And if so, how can one determine the amount (ounces) of ONR in the sprayer bottle if the pressure washer siphon feature has a 7:1 gallon mix rate?

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It was mdr I was asking about in a ik l.5 sprayer  so I could mix 3 to1 in it   it has different nozzels for control of foam they make one that doesn't foam as well . For onr I use  weed sprayer I would not be surprised  if mdr would work in it I will try it 

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The Opti-Coat Pro+ coating on my car was one one year old back in February, which the car is parked 24/7 outside.  I did the decontamination using almost the same procedure that Ron has mentioned except I used the MDR by itself last followed by a rinse another wash and finishing with Hyper Seal.

With regards to claying the car at the time, I was hesitant to do it, even though I do have the new Optimum Ultra Clay towel, as I was afraid marring and damaging the coating. Pan the Organiser has just put out a video on his Channel in the last day or so, of his 1 year old Opti-Coat Pro+ decontamination process, in which he clays the car. The video has given me the confidence to clay the car without causing any marring or damage.

Here is his link if that's OK to post:


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Great video thanks 

Just waiting for it to warm up out side to do my ride

power clean  before  or after  mdr I would think power clean after to get any mineral  residue  of the paint I am not going to clay unless I can feel any thing may be along the bottom  of car and front bumper . 


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Power clean first good idea this would get all wax off then the mdr and ferex would work better doing there job will try this 

Saw this optimum product today optimum   M wash have you ever tried it 

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Yes I have the Opti-Coat M-Wash (Maintenance) and I also have the Opti-Coat No Rinse (yellow in colour, smells like mangos). I use the M -Wash around every 2-3 months when I do a maintenance wash. As mentioned before, the car is parked outside 24/7, so depending on how the weather has been and the amount of dust fallout from construction in the area, that's why the maintenance wash varies from 2 - 3 months. I try to wash the car at least twice to 3 times a month, and I switch between the normal Blue ONR and the Opti-Coat Yellow No Rinse. I always use Opti-Coat Hyper Seal as the drying aid. I do try other products as a drying aid but seem to always come back to the Hyper Seal.

When I had the car coated in February 2019, the guys where I had it done at Opti-Coat in Sydney gave me good advice on washing and maintaining the car. I purchased the Big Gold Sponge as the Big Red Sponge is not available down here, along with the M-Wash, the Yellow No Rinse, Hyper Seal to begin with, and added the MDR and Ferrex later. Already had the ONR and Power Clean.

Hope that helps  you.



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Great info thanks  

I wash my car once a week the car is gloss coated did it my self . 

I also use onr and onr with wax and use opti seal or wax as a drying aid  I do use opti soap some times then use onr as drying aid    going to order the gold sponge and m wash and hyperseal  for my decamination wash 

Thanks again 


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