Is there an Opti-Coat Pro patent?

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That's an excellent question and I don't have an answer.   According to Dr G, it's really difficult to reverse engineer products and it maybe that no one has figured out the exact chemistry of Opti-Coat Pro.  It's taken years for anyone to come close to Opti-Seal...

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On 5/11/2020 at 10:08 AM, Ron@Optimum said:

  It's taken years for anyone to come close to Opti-Seal...

Ron, you know I love Optimum...but Opti-Seal wasn't even the first WOWA sealant to market, Zaino beat Optimum by some months back in 2007.  I still remember Anthony Orosco beside himself that someone had come out with a similar product seemingly in parallel (since, per Anthony's telling, he put the idea for a sealant that you just "wipe on, and walk away" into Dr. G's ear, and had of course been the Alpha tester during the development).

There were 3 WOWA sealants that came out in 2007, and a few more since.

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sorry, Setec, I've been involved with Optimum since 2004, but for the first few years as a marketing consultant, so I don't know the product history.  I was using Turtlewax or Eagle 1 before being "saved".  Opti-Seal was magic to me, as was ONR...

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