Decamination then hyperseal first time


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Just finished Decamination of the car has been  gloss coated last year  and has a few coats of wax and a couple of coats of optiseal  on it

Washed car with chemical guys citrus soap  used about six ounces in a foam cannon  thought this would take care of wax  nope  this is the only non opti product i used

  powerclean  3 to 1

 Used ik sprayer  agitated with one  microfiber soaked in onr then   rinse 

Mdr 3 to 1

in a ik sprayer  then agitated with micro fiber soaked in onr    then rinse 


bottom of car around wheels front bumper back bumper  then rinse 

Had to  work fast I was in the sun but managed to keep the car wet.  I could see the beading off water  changing  as the car was stripped of wax optiseal and detail spray 

Paint prep

  realy used alot the car was sqeaky clean the silver metallic paint shined  gloss coat was still there 

Hyper seal

first time using it started with roof used the sprayer it came with put it on till it started to streak then used a bit less  I put in on like wax if it streaked then just buffed it a bit 

Very mirror like finish with  more gloss  then any optimum product I  have used 


waited about one and a half  hours  there was dust on the car so I used  some onr in  ik  sprayer on car then dryed and waxed  one panal at  time . Got a little more of a wet  look that a like very happy with results 

This car is weekly washed so was pretty clean so I did not let the products sit  on car to long pluse I was in the sun  but not hot 18 c i was wrong    I could  see alot of dirt come off with the powerclean . 

The only screw up was my headlights got fogged  up pretty good I guess from the power clean mdr or some ferex that i did not rinse off .  Tried strait power clean no luck  so i  will get the polisher out and some optimum polish may be even compound .  Any suggestions  welcome.  


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Thanks   ron

about 4 hours  happy with it did the wheels also  the hyperseal  just melted into the paint nice product 


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Yup your Wright  Ron product comes out like a garden hose lol.

My car has large panales and roof  but still  a mist would be easier  to spread especially  on wheel rims don't have a empty opti seal yet put will try a regular optimum sprayer from the wax maybe 

Used some optimum compound and polish on the foggy headlights  all good  used the hyperseal  for protection  

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