Opti coat pro plus got wet


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Talk to your Opti Coat installer on what you should do.  Assuming the water is relatively low hardness, then there should be no issue.  During my Optimization training, Yvan indicated that you can perform ONR wash as an emergency measure after 24 hours from the coating being applied (bird droppings or other contaminants within first week) with minimal impact to the coating .  If hard water used then ONR wash would be prudent before the minerals get baked into the coating but you should confirm with your Opti Coat installer on how to proceed.

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Thank you for responses. Got in touch with my installer, he responded immediately to my text.

it was hard water as it came from the garden hose that the water was sprayed unto the garage door as my family was trying to rinse away bird droppings, not knowing that I coated the car as they are ignorant of such things.

thankfully I caught it within minutes of it happening, the sun was setting and it was not extremely hot outside

was instructed to use plush microfiber ONR wet towel to wipe , followed by plush microfiber towel to dry.

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My advice to you is be willing to travel to find the best. This installer sounds like he has a low standard. Put your car on a trailer and haul it to the next town. 

I have seen and heard of installers that think all coatings are equal and switch coatings. Any installer that will not stick with a particular coating until he masters it sounds like a high paid enthusiast. 

I do not understand why someone who is an opti coat installer would ever choose another coating after using Opti. It is the only true permanent and hardest coating. Most other coatings are temporary. 

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He actually indicated it is also silicon carbide, also with 7 year warranty.

doing a bit of research, looks like Dann Williams is their Vice President of business development.

so I’m sure they took what they learned from Optimum and carried on with their new brand.

I will be sticking with Optimum as it is a complete system, comes in gallons. 
the only thing I guess I can complain about is the ONR could be better (other rinseless seems to have more cleaning power and/or able to keep wash media clean), Opti seal doesn’t seem to be as durable and seems to have poor protection against things from sticking to the paint

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