Is it possible to "overgo" Powerclean?


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My daily driver sits outside and sees roughly 300-400 miles/week of commuting. By week's end, it is pretty filthy. My usual routine is to rinse off the car outside, then bring it inside for a rinseless wash with ONR. I've noticed it is getting increasingly difficult to get some of the dirt and sap off the paint with just ONR (rainy season has befallen us now too)


My new plan was to:

1) Panel by panel, spray Power Clean diluted 1:3 as a prewash of sorts (I know some people do this with ONR at the quick detailer dilution ratio but it never seemed to be effective for me)

2) Allow to sit for 1 minute and then wipe off with wash media dunked in ONR

3) Make a second pass with wash media dunked in ONR (my understanding is that copious amounts of ONR are needed to get Power Clean off if we aren't rinsing it off with running water)

4) 1 spritz of Opti-Seal as a drying aid (my understanding is that using Power Clean weekly as a pre-wash will also eliminate my LSP)

5) Dry


Is that "overdoing" Power Clean? Or reasonable given where my car sits and how much it is driven?

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Personally, I will do prewash with OPC at 1:5 dilution ratio every 2-3 months  but the mileage I put on my car is substantially less than you.  If you are going to do a weekly OPC prewash, I would definitely use a higher dilution ratio which might not completely remove the Opti-Seal LSP.  Ideally it should be at 1:10 (or higher) dilution ratio to minimize removal of polymer based LSP like Opti-Seal.  If you are typically storing your RTU OPC at 1:3 dilution ratio then add to 2 parts water with your RTU solution (1:3 plus two additional equal parts water at 0:4) would result in final dilution ratio 1:11.  Experiment to see if this solution is strong enough for your typical weekly contamination and adjust if needed (either higher or lower).

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I have been using hyperseal  a few times now I applied it on the car after wash and dry and yes I think this will help you keep the car clean  dirt falls off with rinse . 

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