ONRWW as contactless prewash.


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I am experimenting with super-fast contactless top-up washes (mid week, after longer/dirtier drives etc). I am thinking a snow foam and then rinse off with DI filtered water, but I wondered what might happen if I just used my ONRWW solution from the mini preasure spray bottle instead of filling up a foam cannon etc. I think it would loosen the dirt probably as well as a snow foam but I'm thinking it might leave marks after the rinse off where a snow foam wouldn't. Has anyone tried this? Would normal ONR be better than ONRWW? Although it might be nice if some wax was added through the process. Thanks!

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Thanks, sorry perhaps I wasn't clear. I understand that it wont be enough as any kind of ongoing or complete solution. 

All I'm wondering is would it leave and more streaks after a pressure rinse than a foam would, specifically ONRWW. 

There have been times when a foam and rinse has been enough to shed one day's dirt and get the car looking basically spotless again.  I know the limitations of that approach for washing in general.

However the video you posted does seem to suggest that 'they do the same thing' so it does seem like it might work so thanks for sharing that! I will do some experimenting.

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Thanks! That sounds good - essentially as long as I'm not expecting anything a normal foam pre-wash wouldn't be able to achieve it sounds good. Essentially my question is really just 'does ONRWW leave a residue if pressure hosed off rather than buffed off'. I will give it a test tomorrow and see how I get on. Thanks!

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