Touchless Car washes and ceramic coatings


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One of the rag company's posts remarked that touchless car washes and some regular brush/rag car washes use hydrofluoric acid as an aid for removing minerals.  Apparently, hydrofluoric acid's also used in some wheel cleaners.  That acid's apparently very toxic and can destroy skin and bones.

Does Opti-Pro and Hyper-seal provide some protection against that acid?  Not that I plan to regularly run my vehicle through those mechanized systems as they damage paint (as a few of my past, uncoated vehicles revealed),  but would be good to know.

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OCP is not removed by hydrofluoric acids and it would take multiple exposure to reduce Hyper Seal.  Touchless car washes are OK to use when weather makes anything else impossible, but the soaps they use are very harsh.  Ceramic coatings are extraordinarily chemically resistant, one of their less recognized but most important features.

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