Tunnel Car Washes .vs. SIC coatings


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Various youtube detailing videos show the perils of car owners sending their coated cars through tunnel car washes.   Even the "no brush" cloth-style washes managed to scratch up ceramic and graphene coated vehicles.  And yes, my past uncoated cars went through tunnel car washes and accumulated many fine swirls and scratches.

Somewhere on this forum it was mentioned that Pro+, while more scratch resistant than regular clearcoat, doesn't particularly like tunnel car washes.

But given some of the comments I've read on this forum regarding Pro 3, will __that__ coating be tough enough to resist the onslaught of a reasonably maintained tunnel car wash?

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12 hours ago, Ron@Optimum said:

While OCP+ and OC3 are robust enough to minimize marring from touch tunnel washes (not all tunnel washes are the same), using them will void the warranty. 

Good to know, thanks !

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