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I’m curious to what product you’d use in the case. 
I use all Optimum products. I washed my car the other morning and finished it off with Optimum Spray Wax. Usually our cars are garaged but this day I had to leave it out overnight. Overnight we had a lot of rain. The car was parked on clean concrete. The next morning brought sunny clear skies. 
I have some ONR at QD ratio in a pump sprayer. I sprayed the car all over and used several microfiber towels to wipe it down. Then I finished drying using Optimum ID&GE as a drying aid. 
I have just about all the optimum products. What would you have done differently or better?


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there's not necessarily a better approach but there are different methods.  For instance Instant Detailer and the quick detailer formula you used for ONR basically perform the same function...no need to do both.  ID&GE is the lighter cleaner but adds greater gloss (temporarily), while ONR at QD ration is the better solvent.  For even more cleaning but less gloss, Opti-Clean is another option for a quick detail.

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That sounds like a good approach. 


When there's so much water on the car already, I tend to do a standard ONR/BRS wash. 


But since you had already washed it prior, I would have probably just used the Instant Detailer. 

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For instance, when my cars are lightly dirty I sometimes pull them out of garage during rainstorms (hard ones), allowing the pure rain to give them a natural rinse, then follow up with either quick detailer ratio ONR wipe/dry or leaf blower. Two cars are coated, one with Opti-Coat Pro the other with Graphene, and they both come out clean as if I did the full bucket wash. 

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