Do you normally spray bugs with another product?

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Before going into ONR wash (on a car that’s waxed but not coated), do you normally spray bugs with another product or do you find ONR soaking is usually enough? 

Does spraying with Opti clean on those areas tend to help or work about the same vs soaking with ONR? 

Or do you use an APC then rinse with a hose/ONR spray first? 

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Really depends on how stuck/baked in the bug is. Just ONR will work some times and sometimes an onr dilution soaked paper towel on it for a moment will work. I recently got a jersey bug sponge from the rag company and it seems to work well. if all else fails the power clean will get it usually. I’ve even used clay on a really bad bug corpses.

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Just now, Ron@Optimum said:

I pre-spray with Opti-Clean (stronger than ONR) or the quick detailer ratio of ONR (1 oz to 16 oz of water).  In extreme cases I use Power Clean (1:3) like Zippy.

Thanks for that idea. It was feeling like it would be wasteful to use Opti clean at the 3:1 standard dilution (and fairly expensive) just to pre spray. But at 16:1 that might be a great solution! 

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