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Helle dear members,


I am new to this forum and I am here as I truly need help.

I have a brand new BMW that has a very finicky (maybe very soft paint) that I decided to treat with Opticoat in order give the vehicle a better protection and many other benefits from Opticoat. My other two vehicles are also treated with Opicoat, one ofe them being almost 10 years old.

This 2021 BMW San Marina Blue however is the most delicate and pretentious vehicle I ever owned and I am so upset with everything that I don't know what to do at this point. 

My Opticoat tech supposed to prepare the vehicle and finish it so he bought everything to prepare the vehicle. Unfortunately he got to busy and then very sick so my car ended up sitting almost two months in his shop without any work done. 

I need to prepare the vehicle as it will be shipped in Europe where I will move very soon and time is not in my favor. There is no other Opticoat shop guy in town and pressed by the time and the guys is still unable to work so I have decided that I should do it myself. I have picked up the car and the Opticoat set that was paid for and got the vehicle home.

I have watched a lot of Optcioat videos that I found with the Quebecois guy and Pan the Organizer and so on and I decided that I can do it. I am a DYI kind of guy and I see no reason not to succeed. Example here:


I have polished the vehicle to perfection for over two weeks. Two nights ago, I have washed the car perfectly with Dawn to eliminate any grease and dry it with air. After that I have used the Optimum Paint Prep which I wiped by using few brand new towels. When everything was done, I started the Opicoat process.

I have applied Opicoat and after few seconds when the haze started to vaporize I have started to wipe and "spread" the product for evenness as the guys suggested. The towel proved to be harder to move and everything went fine exactly as the guy described in the video. After 35-45 minutes of each pannel treated with Opicoat (exactly as the guy in the video says) I started applying the Opticoat Pro Plus. I treated every panel with care but sometimes, I could see the product as probably I put more than necessary? However, this one was also wiped down to as perfect as I could after 10 seconds after the application. My wife was my partner in this and the second set of eyes and she timed everything properly.

It took me few hours to finish everything as I could not finish the whole car and it was most important for me to make sure that each panel treated will receive the maximum 45 minutes stay between the coats.

I have finished and the vehicle looked absolutely beautiful. At 7 AM in the morning I was done and went to bed really exhausted. 

Last evening I went in the garage to check the vehicle and I found darker clouds over the vehicle, some small, some bigger including some line strokes on the hood from top to bottom. The strikes on the hood make me believe that darker clouds might represent the Opticoat Pro + layer as in conformity with the video this is the single one that after circular motion at the and you supposed to go in straight lines. I know that with the Opticoat Pro layer I did not do that.

Now, I am so upset that I really do not know what to do. The vehicle supposed to receive Xpel after this in 10 days or so to be ready for overseas shipment and it doen't look good.

My hand is almost dead from the effort but my heart is on the floor with disappointment and sadness.

Any help from anyone will be tremendously appreciated.


Thank you in advance for all your inputs.

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This is why Optimum DOES NOT sell it's professional products to customers.  It takes skill and experience to apply, something no video can supply.  Your installer should never have sold you the products under any conditions.  The solution is to polish off the haze.  Polishing will reduce the Opti-Coat Pro and may or may not eliminate it - depending on how much polishing is necessary.


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Thank you for your reply. I believe that at this point I must go with a polish?

Do you believe that the haze is caused by the last stage Pro + only?

If the haze goes away by polishing, should the Opticoat Pro be reapplied or just the Opticoat Pro +?

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Good to know about the multi-step coating cautions.   FYI, Pan The Organizer just posted a Youtube video outlining all steps and a few caveats for applying a consumer grade, single step SIO2 or Graphene-SIO2 coating product.

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On 7/17/2021 at 9:32 AM, Ron@Optimum said:

the product in Pan's video is no where near the same as Opti-Coat Pro+.  Social media videos create a lot of false confidence, not to mention install failures, that are a frustration for manufacturers. 

Good to know.  Unfortunately there are very few "Youtube" videos comparing true Pro products (authorized detailers only) to Consumer level products.  I learned about Optimum Pro from Pan hosting Ivan's Pro+ detailing, and fortunately our local detailer was authorized for the Pro+ product.

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