Non OPT products caused paint damage?


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Question for Dr. G

So I recently tested some products from other companies on my car. After washing my car with ONR, I lightly polished my car using Menzerna 400 on a DA, and wiped it clean with ONR. I thought it had worked very well with a great finish. Afterwards I applied some Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax. Very slick paint and great beads.

I figured the only downside for Menzerna compared to OPT polishes would be VOC's and not very eco-friendly. But I guess I found another downside: damage to my car.....


These very tiny, but very noticeable, spots are all over 1 of the 3 panels of my car on which I used above products. Could these be caused by the Menzerna polish somehow?

And what component of this polish could have caused this?

Hope Dr. G could find the time to elaborate on this very interesting subject.

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