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Response from Dr G (similar to mine) -

CCR is for oxidized paint that still has film integrity. Once the paint starts failing and is delaminating there is no way to save it and requires repaint. That seems to be the case here based on the statements like paint melting.

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4 hours ago, Ron@Optimum said:

I can't open the video - was there clear coat on the spoiler?  CCR is a clear coat restorer, but needs clear to bond, so won't work where clear is gone.

Video link should be working now!  Paint wasn't delaminating.  If anything, very faint oxidation.  After CCR, oxidation became more noticible, as seen in the video.

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videos are always difficult to decipher (for me) - see some kind of damage (you say not delam?) and hazing.  Prep for CCR calls for decontamination, polishing with Hyper Compound/wool pad to remove oxidation and abrade the paint, and finally clean up with Paint Prep.  Did you do all that? 

Tug Bankert (an Optimum Pro Installer) had this post under Optimum Products Discussion:

Ccr will repair and restore oxidized paint so long as there is enough clear coat for it to bond do. If their is failure than no. Power clean straight, ferrex and clay, scuff slightly with hyper compound and wool pad on a da and lay it down

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