Power Clean and microfiber towels


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A YouTube detailer suggested soaking my microfibers, in my dirty rag bucket, in a solution of OPC to make washing more efficient.   Will this actually aid in the cleaning of my towels or cause problems for the microfibers?  If this is something to consider, with really dirty towels, what dilution ratio would be recommended?


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Ron, thank you for the input.  I was thinking of using OPC to presoak dirty towels but if I use it as my detergent... better yet!  

I love the Optimum product line.  My car is seventeen years young and while the paint is in good condition the clear coat has cracks and scratches.  So I rely on Optimum to preserve what I have until I can afford a decent paint job.

P.S.  After a wipe over with ONRW&W it looks as good as new.  

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Not sure if this is allowed.  But The Rag Company sells a ton of OPT products.  The Rag Company offers a specific solution called Rags to Riches which is very effective as a soak and wash solution for MF towels.  with a 2day soak I a 5 gallon bucket, and about 5oz of solution then a few machine washes it has really restored my MF towels back to like new.  Then use it weekly as your detergent, it's fantastic

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