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Pan the Organizer recently presented a wide variety of microfiber towels.  He also mentioned one should discard towels used to level ceramic coatings as the residues in the towels would harden and cause scratching with further use.

What Optimum products might make application towels not reusable?  Would any pro level ceramic result in unwashable towel residues?  Wrt consumer grade coatings, would Hyper-Seal be one to be wary of?  Any others?

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the only Optimum product we recommend disposal of the applicator towels is Clear Coat Restorer (and it comes with disposable towels).  I've been able to clean towels and applicator pads after Gloss-Coat, OCP, Tire Protectant, Gel Coat Restorer, Hyper Seal, etc.  I recommend soaking in hot water and Power Clean/dish detergent immediately after use.  Allowing coating towels to dry can make them unusable.  Microfiber does wear out over time (the cheaper the towel, the quicker it loses it's microfiber characteristics) - then it becomes a shop towel for me - tires, wheels, engines, and other heavy duty uses. 

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Good info!  My consolation effort is to use Rags to Riches in a bucket into which I drop the used applicator pads and small application towels, keeping them wet until they go into the washing machine.  So far, that seems to work well.

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