Hyper Compound sprayer clogged


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Anyone else experience a clogged sprayer with the Hyper Compound bottle? I think the compound is too thick and solidified in there. I was able to flush it out with an isopropyl solution after the first time, and got it working the next time I used it. However, today I went to use it again. I tired to flush didn't seem to work and the sprayer doesn't work anymore. Last time I was worried this happened so I actually took it out of the bottle, flushed it and stored it separately, so there shouldn't have been any material in there. Maybe my flushing last time damaged the internals. Any advice? Should I just apply it normally or is there a sprayer that would work better with this thick material? Can we buy the sprayer separately? I feel like this design is deficient.

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I've had mine physically break when they get dried polish in there.  You can get replacement sprayers out there at places like US Plastics or others, but I've kind of given up on the sprayers and just use a squeeze bottle.  That also avoids me spraying my polisher, my arm, or the side of the house.  It's possible if you used the spray products more often than I do that the product doesn't dry out in the sprayer, and that your aim gets better.

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lol i am laughing at Setec because its all true...the sprayer techique is all fine and dandy in theory but really bad in practice...the polish dries out and clogs the sprayer heads so unless you use it often its not gonna work for you.

My hyper compound clogged and the sprayer stopped working, hyper polish is so thin that it leaks through the seems and in the screw part of the sprayer head, the only thing thats still working (somewhat) is the intensive polish.

I swithched the sprayer heads for the Chemical guys pop up bottle cap!

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