Rock Chips in Ceramic coating


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Just curious:What does one do if a rock chips an OptiCoat finish, especially a long guaranteed one?  My Subaru wearing OptiCoat Pro+ got nailed this way: paint's base coat's intact but coating and clear coat are gone from two aprox. 2 mm rock "hits".  I assume repair's an out of warranty event and will ask my detailer about it, but I hope it does not involve major surface refinishing just to remove two small chips, especially as base coat's still there.

I could go easy way and __carefully__apply clear coat to the chipped area, but do not know if clear coat will bond to the Pro+.

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Thnx for info Ron.  I chatted with my detailer and the plan is for my chips to be retouched the same time he is doing another OptiCoat Pro+ job (he said he'll need only a tiny bit of OptiCoat for the touch-up).

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Hopefully my retailer touchup will work OK.   The Dr. G interviews I watched recently elsewhere on this forum were very illuminating in that apparently one can apply a second coat of Pro on top of existing Pro, and that Pro3 is so thick it can actually be polished to remove scratches.

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Good to know about pro3 though for my local dealer it remains Unobtainium (He's not Optimum exclusive - nearest of those's 40 miles away).  My local detailer had coating left over from another Pro+ job and successfully re-coated the dinged spot.  Only a slight dimple (probably due to loss of some clear coat) remains.  After hyper-sealing, hopefully it will be good to go for a long time.

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