New formula ceramic OptiSeal on interiors


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People have asked this before but I never paid attention to the answers. 

is the new ceramic opti seal still just as safe to use on interiors as a “dressing” as old formula opti seal was for that “undressed” look? I generally prefer a dressed look but sometimes people don’t want it in their cars when I clean them. Thanks. 

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I just was looking at the Optimum store at Amazon and saw the Opti-Seal suggested for interiors--Ron, would that just be for vinyl/plastic/wood/chrome, but not on the leather seats?  I'd imagine you'd slide right out onto the floor if you used it on the seats.  Although there is another WOWA interior product that says you can use it on leather, also, which I think I have done.  I don't think I even would have bought that if I realized you can use Opti-Seal on interiors.

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that's a point of difference between Opti-Seal, Ultra, and Hyper Seal - you can use OS on interiors including leather.  Ultra and Hyper are too slick to be used on seats. I've used Opti-Seal on interior trim, but not seats (my seats are all treated with Opti-Guard Leather).  OS restored some color to faded door/dash vinyl and protected it against future fading.

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