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I was washing my car with ONR today. It wasn’t very dirty and I have foamed power clean and rinsed first.
Regardless, as I was washing with the UBS I decided to switch to a grey towel so I could see how much dirt was left behind after my initial steps. Once again car wasn’t really dirty but the principle still applies.
I had never tried putting dirty towels back into the bucket but I was amazed at how after a couple minutes of soaking in ONR how the dirt broke down and sunk to the bottom of the bucket off the microfiber.
Maybe this is not news to anyone else that it worked that well at cleaning towels but this is gonna be a game changer in efficiency for me. Found the sponge was great for the end of the wash if I needed to rewet the panels and i was safe knowing any missed spots would be sucked into my sponge.
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I noticed something somewhat similar. Cleaning wheels with Power Clean and an ONR damp towel makes the towel incredibly dirty. I then put it aside and wash the car as normal with 2 gallons of ONR. Once I'm done with the wash, I quickly clean the dirty wheel towel in the ONR bucket and it comes out pretty much perfectly clean and the water gets pitch black dirty.

That's Optimum Synergy for ya!

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