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Hello! Another long time lurker here. I've used Optimum products for years to take care of my cars. Just a quick question...

Due to a sizable hole in my head (or likely the excellent trade in value on my current car and finding a dealer that will sell me a car at MSRP 🤞🏻) I will hopefully be taking into my possession soon a new Toyota Corolla XLE Hybrid in the new Underground color. My question is...

What steps should I do for my first wash?

I would assume, wash with ONR, clay and wax, Opti-Seal but...

I've never done any kind of paint correction, not owning a DA. I have used compounds before to buff out minor scratches with a microfiber cloth, but what would y'all recommend I do to the car once I get it into my possession and in what order? (That is assuming that I don't die in a knife-battle with the car sales person in the parking lot...)

For hand application, I was thinking about GPS after washing, claying, and drying, but... again, feeling rather like a noob here... I was at another dealer previously (having called many and visited a few) and when I heard a salesman tell a service guy "Hey, that new Camry is all dirty, give it a good spray wax, will you?" I felt like a piece of my soul died inside... I presume the car will have been through the dealer's carwash, or spray waxed when dirty.

That being said, my expectations are NOT perfection. This car is going to be a daily driver- 15 minute commute to work, occasional 6-7 hour drives... I am ok with shiny scratches, but again, wanted to get the opinion of people who know a lot more than I do and get this new car off to a good start.

Thanks all! 


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@batsai  You can go a crazy as you want.  Some Power Clean might be useful and tar remover if you have them.  If not, wash with ONR, clay and protect with  OptiSeal, Wax or Hyper Seal and then use and enjoy your new car.

The most important thing I can suggest when it comes to swirl removal is stop looking for them.  You will be happier, have more spare time and money.

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