Just got my car coated with opticoat pro+, but they only let it cure for 2-3 hours before they released the car to me in rain?


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Like the title states i got my car coated, and released it to me after 2-3 hours of cure time even tho it was lightly raining and damp outside, should i be worried about anything? as i can tell here the norm is atleast 12 hours of cure time before driving in rain


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while 12 hours is the recommended cure time, OCP+ surface cures very quickly and you should be good (Optimum tends towards overkill).  And if your installer applied Opti-Seal/Hyper Seal over the ceramic, as many do, you are doubly protected.

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Thanks for the reply!

i am less worried now, i will ask my installer if they used Opti-seal / hyper Seal. 

Is there a way i can check myself, if the coating is fine?.

Thanks again! :)

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