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from Optimum Regional Manager Danny Cantrell:

Have you heard about the Revision of Hyper compound?
I know many haven’t and here is a quick run down about OPT Hyper Compound. It is a total redesign with upgraded abrasives you will see the power of cut with the ability to finish. You can cut up to 1000 sand marks while working it to a finish. You will see the same benefits of little to no dusting easy shake, spray and get to work. Once done if using the orange foam pad clean it and use hyper polish to do your primer polish step before apply Opti-Coat ceramic coatings.
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There have not been 4 versions, every color change was not a new formula.  When Intensive Polish was introduced Optimum changed HC color to differentiate and when we switched to clear bottles, another change to avoid confusion with other white products.

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Yeah, but Ron, the orange polish that became Intensive Polish was originally the second version of Hyper Compound, when the pink Hyper Polish was changed to blue.  Then people complained that it still didn't have enough cut, so Dr. G created the white formula and renamed the orange Hyper Compound to Intensive Polish.  I can't find any threads even talking about the introduction of Intensive Polish, they must have been lost in the Chris purge.



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I think I've posted this before, but here's the real original Hyper Compound, back before the spray polishes were introduced.  This was 2006, probably the first tweak to the polish line a year or so after they were introduced, you can see the Polish says "new formula", and I guess that's when the Hyper Compound was added. 



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11 hours ago, Ron@Optimum said:

not clear on what you're asking - what revision are you referring to?  Intensive Polish slots between Hyper Compound and Hyper Polish.

Does the latest revision of Hyper Compound's finishing ability rival or exceed that of Intensive Polish? 

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