ONR and Optimum Protectant+ for dashboard cleaning routine


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I just purchased ONR and Optimum Leather Protectant+. I was told by the sales person to dilute ONR 1:256 for dashboard cleaning after that to apply Optimum Leather Protectant+ to revive and protect the dashboard from UV.  I would like to check if it is good on dashboards? It is also named primarily as leather would be in the ballpark of something like 303 Aerospace Protectant and CarPro Perl for dashboard dressing?

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Yes, ONR is an excellent interior cleaner and Leather Protectant (Protectant Plus) cleans and reconditions leather plus provides UV protection on vinyl and plastic. It's not only great on interiors but also is Optimum's best exterior product on plastic trim.

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it's always good to use DI or distilled water if available, but ONR softens hard water - the same capsulation of dirt that allows rinseless washing also works to separate the minerals in water and pull them away from paint.  You're welcome to mix ONR stronger, but it's not necessary unless you have unusually hard water.

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No you dont...A ONR damp towel wipe following a dry towel wipe will clean the interiour just nicely. Ron just wanted to say he uses either one or the other.

ONR on its own will clean a lot while leaving a nice factory finish. It will struggle with dirt/mudd spots sometimes. For those you spray some all purpose cleaner.

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