Hyper Compound Revision 5


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Today, I finally had the opportunity to put this compound to use. 


I write this sitting in my truck, having just got off of work. 


The vehicle was a late model black GMC Sierra. Moderate car wash brush damage. 


To keep it short. It reminds me of Hyper Polish with a lot more cut. No marring with a green 60 ppi pad whatsoever. I was able to one step ot with that green pad. 


It seems like the Hyper Polish and Hyper Compound overlap, where they can both function as a pad dependent Polish, where Intensive Polish and Hyper Compound V4 seemed like two aggressive titans of paint correction. 


Revision 5 is the missing component for me, as I sometimes struggled to remove to , Intensive Polish or Hyper Compound left behind. 


So for me, Hyper Compound V5 is a game changer in that it has excellent  cut, and excellent finishing. With this compound, I can comfortably stay within the Optimum line of detailing chemicals. Though I'm usually using a Porter Cable and Buff and Shine pads. 


Excellent job, and a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Ghksoussi for formulation this excellent compound!


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16 hours ago, Setec Astronomy said:

Sounds pretty impressive.  Particularly if you did that with a PC.

I couldn't be more impressed with V5's performance. 


I like to start any polishing with the PC. If I can get it done with the PC  than that's what I'll do. 


I have my Duetto, Mini, and Nano set up with either 3D or Jescar, but usually 3D. The anti-spin shroud is why I don't use the Opti 


I'm looking at getting a separate 15 and mini for use with the Opti polishes. I use Adam's Swirl Killers at work and really like them  the 15 free spins and will work with the pad washer. I may try the Optimum polishers too. Heck, I may get the 21 too. 


The only non optimum chemicals I use these days are the 3D and Jescar buffing liquids, and at work my boss had B&B make him his own line of chemicals to sell to the public...

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