Brown tires immediately after using Power Clean

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I need a little help here after cleaning my 1 year old tires with Power Clean. I diluted it 3 parts tap water to 1 part PC and sprayed onto the dry tires till wet but not dripping. Then I scrubbed thoroughly with a nylon tire brush and then rinsed off with a garden sprayer (pump style). The tires turned brown as soon as the water dried!! They actually look worse than before I cleaned them, sadly.  Was my process wrong?

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Did you have dressing on the tires?  I have found that dressing can mask browning and then cleaning can reveal the browning.

So you have two options--reapply your dressing, or continue to clean, either by perhaps multiple applications of your 1:3 OPC, or using it full strength as Ron suggests.  Tires are all different, as are dressings.  Some tires really want to brown, some less so (I've found the softer compounds, like snow tires, tend to brown more), some you can dress without fully removing the browning, some you can't.  Similarly there are some dressings that seem to pull the browning out of the tire (which is anti-ozonant), while some don't.  Opti-Bond is a very good dressing.

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There seems a large variety in success with tires, not sure if it's different rubber compounds, reaction to conditioners, or driving conditions.  Yesterday I had a call from a customer who wanted a refund on Opti-Bond because he only got 2 weeks looking good.  I explained 2-3 weeks is all you could expect from tire treatments, he should consider a coating like TPC for more durability.

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