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Hey all,

Today I started claying with MDR in addition to my fallout remover of choice. So I get my Clay towel, i spray my Fallout remover on that and all over the car. Then I get MDR and apply some to the towel. I feel like I'm getting better results than fallout remover alone. Paint seems cleaner, chrome (plastic) gets cleaner and especially with glass it makes a big difference. After rinsing it beads ups nicely, before with just fallout remover it wouldn't do that. I even tested two windshields 50/50, and the clayed with MDR + Fallout remover beaded up after rinsing, and the part clayed with just fallout remover didn't. 

Am I crazy for doing this and thinking this works? Can the big man Dr. G himself maybe chime in on this? @Ron@Optimum

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Sounds like I'm not completely crazy, phew! I'll keep on using it this way. Thanks for the answer @Ron@Optimum and Dr. G.

MDR is some super potent stuff, I cleaned my Motorcycle exhaust with it, which were really rusty. Looking at the SDS it explains why, with between 7-18% Posphoric acid. Yet I'm sure it's completely safe for car and user with proper PPE (gloves). Counting on it to clean the heavy salt deposits on my motorcycle as well, once the roads are clean again.

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