4yr Old Opti Coat v1 - any good?


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I had a batch of this when it first came out and used it on my previous cars - loved it and found it superb.


I recently found my box of syringes containing several unused v1 measures that are still liquid and look 'as normal'. They were stored in in the dark and at room temperature all the time and are still sealed.


Would these still be worth using and are there likely to be any application issues or performance issues after all this time? I'm out of practice with the application but have a new coming in a few weeks and as I have about 6 full syringes I'd rather not bin them and have to buy more! If nothing else I thought they would do my wheels but ideally I'd like to coat the entire vehicle again ASAP.

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thanks guys


this is the pro version from way back when it was first released. Its been kept in the house, in the dark and sealed in the original syringes and is still liquid form so I guess that should mean its ok. I'll start on the wheels then and see how I get on.

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Thanks guys.


I tried one of the syringes today on some winter steel wheels. Good clean and IPA wipe down, then tried to remember how I applied it last time :spoton[1]:


It was easy to get too much on the cotton wool pad for 1 wheel but a quick wipe with a MF a few mins later with a spray of OID seemed to level it out. I remember last time the areas that had a OID spray shortly after application stayed much slicker long after it cured. Wheels are in the garage overnight but look great already so hopefully if all is good in the morning I'll do the wheels on the new car - they are incredibly fiddly though so will take some effort!

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...well it seems to have worked OK.


The black painted wheels have a good sheen to them now but as they arent coated like an alloy wheel its hard to know if its added to the gloss finish or had any negative effect? I think I got it on evenly and cant see any high spots, so application seems good. I poured water on them from a watering can and the finish repels water amazingly, so its certainly doing its job well.


Weather is hot and dry again for a few days so I plan to get the wheels on the new car done tomorrow morning and they will have 24 hours hot and dry despite being outside. Fingers crossed I get the same result on those as they are going to be far more complicated to get a good even coat on....

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did the alloys on the new car - took a while due to the design but came out cracking!


14718933386_cacfccec28_z.jpgIMG_4706 by Bigpikle, on Flickr


(Apologies for the rusty discs but 3 days of washing and prep have taken their toll!)


Amazing flake in the coloured sections of these wheels which matches the bodywork perfectly.


14738767591_ea5e9721f0_z.jpgIMG_4707 by Bigpikle, on Flickr


Then decided it might be worth finishing the syringe on SWMBO's 4yr old Honda CRV. The wheels on this have picked up a little pitting in a few places so I hit them with 3 attacks of various wheel cleaners and several strong shampoo washes to get it all off and remove the FK1000p I put on them recently. Final wipe with IPA and then dried before using OC.


Really happy with how these came up as well - not bad for 4.5 years and not always well maintained


14739579544_32d9d0b9c9_z.jpgIMG_4708 by Bigpikle, on Flickr

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