Diminishing or Non?


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I think it has both...wrap your head around that, haha!


Does it matter? I would just like to see a comparison.


Use the one that works best for you and ignore the marketing hype that goes along with the a new production. Diminishing, non-diminishing, agoraphobic, whatever.

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can we use OP II with the KB method (which is a hype on autopia)?


Here's my take on the KB method.....why? (And this has nothing against Kevin personally)


What I mean by "why?" is, from my understanding you need to work the product in (and yes this method can be used with other polishes/compounds) for a good amount of time so is it not possible that the same amount of time spent on one PC/KB method can also be done in 2 rotary steps.....in the same amount of time, perhaps less?



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Here's my take on the KBM, although the official paper hasn't been posted, I have learned the basics from guys that Kevin has taught. And it's the same thing-technique that the bodyshop guy I use to work for did. Let's see, plenty of polish, heavy pressure to start then lightnen up, work it till defect is gone. And this guy was using a DeWalt, wool pad and 3M EC, follow with foam and Ultrafina and you're done. Now it's M105-205 and a PC, I'll bet 3M, Menzerna, Optimum, etc would work too.

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KBM, ah yes it is a revival of the old days...or not so old days.


I like pad priming.

I like what I call jeweling. Start with heavy pressure, then gradually relieve pressure as I go.

I like to polish for a long time, and look through the polish as I go.

I like the flexibility of a multi-finish, multi-machine polish


I'd love to buy just one product line. Optimum is the closest I know of to the perfect product line.


ONR - 10

OCW - 10

OPS - 10

OOS - 10

OID - 10


I'm yet to try the tire products.



I'll try the polishes for certain, but I have a way to go before I finish the gallons of Menzerna and Meguiars I have.

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