How can I tell if there is some other coating on the car?


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How did you prep the car? How long did it take for the water to "stop beading"? How often do you wash it? What conditions is the car exposed to (garaged, parked under a tree, fallout area, etc.)?

Did step by step direction to prep the car for OC2 polish, wash, and alcohol.

Not more then month.

Wash it ever two weeks.



I did two cars at the same time. Car one, black is beading like crazy, lots of water on the car after wash.

Car two, also black, the water dose not bead, kind of just sits there.

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I'd like to help you, but you need to be less cryptic in your answers.


Meguiar's makes a lot of polishes, some of them are more oily than others and may be difficult to clean off and could explain why your Opti-Coat apparently bonded to one car and not the other.


Perhaps you could expound on your answers a little bit and explain which polishes you used on which car, what machine, what pad, what shampoo you used to wash after, your alcohol type/concentration/wipe technique.


Or, the short answer is apparently Opti-Coat didn't work on one of your vehicles and you'll have to do it over or use something else. If you are actually trying to find out why it didn't bond to one and did to the other, you will need to be more specific in your answers.

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Meguiars 101 foam cut.... I know it was a cutting pad.

I use the opti car wash and wiped down with a micro fiber towl with alcohol.


The only thing I can think of is the car has a coating from the dealer, like Simoniz system 5.

I would think that this would be removed when polishing.

I'm holding off claying and reapplying OC2 until I'm shore the OC2 did not bond to the clear coat.

I don't know how to test for this.


Any idea?

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M101 on a cutting pad definitely removed any dealer "coating".


Sometimes the beading properties of Opti-Coat can be masked by residues from other products (wash, QD, etc.); Chris has previously suggested a diluted OPC wash to clean that gunk off. If your OC 2.0 has been on there for a month, I guess it's cured enough to withstand OPC. If the beading doesn't come back after that, then you probably have to recoat.


Just checking--the MF towel you used for the IPA wipe--had it been used for something else previously? It's possible you got some wax/sealant residue from that on the paint.

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I thought maybe someone else would jump in on this and help me out. The QD in the Smooth Surface Clay kit is full of silicone-ey stuff. I'm not sure the Optimum Car Wash will completely remove that, as that silicone-ey stuff is also what is in "car wax" and maintenance washes are designed to be friendly to "wax".


It's possible that residue might survive your wash and might overwhelm your IPA wipe depending on how many towels you used. If you have ONR you might want to mix that up in a clay lube concentration. If not, perhaps doubling or tripling the Optimum Car Wash concentration when you wash, rinse very thoroughly, then do your IPA wipe, changing towels frequently.


These days I use Optimum polishes as Opti-Coat prep.

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Just a couple of thoughts. I generally give any new pads or towels a quick wash as there is no gurantee they are perfectly clean from the factory. Just to back up Setec Astronomy's initial thoughts that maybe the Opticoat has been contamintaed with something. I would try an APC wash or maybe a paint cleaner to see if that helps.

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