2013 BMW X5 Opti-Coat 2.0

Scott H.

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Regular customer just picked up a new Vermilion Red BMW X5 5.0 for his wife (he has ordered an Audi RS5 for himself, should be in towards the end of the year) to replace her previous generation X5. Still had the dealer tags and it appears that the dealer mostly kept their hands off it so the paint was in really good condition.


ONR wash, Optimum nano-skin clay pad (test) using WARM water since it was 38 degree when I started this morning

Optimum Hyper Polish using an Optimum microfiber cutting pad and my PC 7424 XP on speeds 5-6

ONR wash, again with warm water (still only in the upper 40s)

Optimum Opti-Seal 2.0 on the paint, hard plastic trim and wheels

Armor All on tires/fenderwells


No real good place to get pictures due to the trees. Plus the owner had already left for a previous engagement and I didn't want to be moving his new X5 around without permission. However, the shade does help show off the insane gloss you get with OC 2.0.

























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that looks great....I found the OC 2.0 to really give the maroon a great vibrancy...it looks amazing on my wife's highlander..


it is raining for the next week here (thinking i might put down the polisher and build an ark), but id like to get some beading pics...even though it is dirty...


i was really impressed with the OC 2.0...and i found it very slick after installation, contrary to some posts ive read!

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

Looks incredible - the vehicle & the work. OC/OG is really under-rated when it comes to the looks. I love how it looks, personally.

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