Optimum Zentool Dual Action Polisher

Ron Harris

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The ZENTOOL ZEN-21E Dual Action Polisher represents one of the latest advancements in machine polishing technology. With an orbit (throw) of 21mm, the dual action polisher has evolved to become a leader in efficient cutting power while still maintaining the safe operation expected from a DA polisher.

The ZENTOOL ZEN-21E is powered by a 900W motor, and even with the massive 21mm orbit still operates smoother than traditional dual action polishers. The backing plate features ventilated cooling channels to help reduce heat transfer.

Due to the large orbit diameter, buffing pad weight plays a major role in maintaining a smooth operating machine. Ideal pad weight for the ZENTOOL-21E is up to 27g. We also recommend operating at speed 4 or lower for automotive polishing to preserve the life of your buffing pads.

Power: 900W
Orbit: 21mm
Weight: 2.4kg
Backing Plate: 150mm
Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects.


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You recommend a operating speed of 4 but on this page you say to use speed 5 with hyper polish?



Shake well.

1. For general swirl or oxidation removal, use a polishing foam pad with a rotary buffer at 1200-1600 RPM. or an orbital polisher at speed 5."


Also look at this where you tell to step down in speed: 

Why are there different instructions?

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probably because there are different instructors - may be hard to believe  but there is no single truth in detailing.  I've watched Yvan LaCroix polish my car for an Opti-Coat Application at 3 on the Zentool, and another very accomplished installer (who teaches detailing) use speed 6...you do what works best for you.  Optimum tries to give the best advice we can, but sometimes it's an average of different opinions.

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Dann and Yvan talked about this on the podcast. Dann used to polish on hi speed but noticed once he turned the speed down he actually achieved better cutting from the polish.

From my experience I never went higher than 4,5 on my DA polisher.

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