Optimum Nano Wipes?

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They will be changing the name - Optimum is looking at the product, but very expensive so not sure of viability.


The price looks great to me, one thing which puts me off the Optiglass is the bottle would last me many many years and therefore a smaller amount of a glass sealant would be more preferable

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This thread is good evidence my memory is not as good as it used to be.  I was looking at the European site to see if the new tyre coating was for sale over here.  It is not but I did see a Optimum Nano Coating which caught my attention.  Quick search on google and I was taken to this thread.   I had completely forgotten asking about this product on here.  Ron says it is not a OPT product and of course I accept what he says.  However the page  does say it is a Optimum product eg "Brand:  Optimum Car Care"


I checked Gloss Coat and the wording is identical "Brand:  Optimum Car Care"


"Brand:  Optimum Car Care" is given to all the other OPT products I checked.

So, is Optimum Nano Coating a OPT product or not?


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12 hours ago, No Soap said:

I would think my guess is right, it is definitely not an OPT product. The package is completely different, and the brand is Optimum Care Care not OPT?

You make a good point about OPT, that is what I would call Optimum but Hyper Polish, Opti-Bond, Gloss Coat etc are called Optimum Car Care.  The site shows they sell two different brands


One is CleanLab (which is not a brand I have heard of) and Optimum Car Care. which contains OPT products like Power Clean.  Nano Wipes are in the Optimum Car Care listing. 

You are right about the different packaging however OPT do have very different styles which seems to have built up over the years, for example Opti-seal packaging looks very different to Poli-seal and the regular contributors to this forum have a very good idea of OPT products but this will not be the case for most other people.   If someone went to the European distributor (if one exists) for Meguiars and saw a a product called Meguiars Cleaner they could be forgiven for thinking this is a official Megs Cleaner.  In fact, I would argue they have a realistic expectation they are buying something made by Meguiars. 


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