What are the differences between Poli-Seal & GPS


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Hi guys,


I consider performing a light polish post claybar on my mothers car. Looking for a light polish to remove minor swirls and defects on her 2 year old I30.


I have looked at the polishing products in optimum polishing products. I have seen two products, including Optimum Glaze Polish Sealant and Optimum Poli-Seal.


I will highly appreciate if you guys describe me:

> what the differences between these two products;


> should I use cordless wax attack wax spreader with a 60w motor or 600w Dual Action Polisher?


> can/should I should apply optimum spray wax over any of these two products?

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Both are AIO products. Both are abrasive. Both clean and restore the paints finish.

GPS is a fine cut polish with carnauba protection. The fine cut part removes some light imperfections while the carnauba part fills in the remaining light imperfections (swirl marks, marring) making them less visible. Gives a wet look finish.

Poli-seal is a abrasive pre-wax cleanser meaning it cleanses paint (removes light scratches, swirl marks, old wax residue, restores and shines the paints finish) after decontamination and prepares it for wax or sealant. You can use either opti-seal or OCW on top of it.


2) If you have a DA machine than that is the way to go. Poli-seal can also be used by hand but everything is better with a DA.


3) Yes...both AIO products have a protection built-in but you can prolonge the durability of it with OCW.

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If you flood the panel with water or even QD and if that water covers the swirls making them disappear then those are light or shallow swirl marks (they look like spider webbing on the car). Those ones are easily removed with a light polish or in this case poli-seal or GPS.

If you have deeper scratches that you can catch with your fingernail those can be removed with a bit of sanding and compounding and  polishing.

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Street lights or the lighting at a petrol station can be a very cheap way of inspecting your paint. 

Have a look at this thread  Heavy swirls  which has no OPT products but does show some heavy swirls

It is very very easy to become obsessed by swirls.  Ideally on a show car there will be none but on a normal car it is wiser to remove the worst of them.  Which begs the question how do I know how many to remove?  This is easy, the only standard you need to meet is your standards. 

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