Used OC 2.0 still any good?


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My dealer literaly gave me a used (about 5ml left) Opti-coat 2.0 in a syringe. He hasnt used it in years and told me to try it out. He also warned me that it probarbly isnt good anymore but to try it anyways.


So my questions are:


1) What is the shelf life of OC once it is opened and used?

2) Is it still safe to (try to) apply to my car?


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I'll correct myself also and say that it doesn't always get cloudy when it gels, the key is when the bubble doesn't move when you tilt the syringe you know something is wrong...of course when you push on the plunger and nothing happens and then you push harder and the gel splatters all over, you usually get the idea. Of course I wouldn't know anything about that...

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