OPT stuff at freezing temperatures


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Since winter is behind the door I was just wondering if OPT stuff can go bad if they freeze?


I have most of my detailing stuff in the garage that is not heated or insulated so some of my liquids have frozen before during winter.


If they happen to freeze, will it affect its performance in spring? Specifically Im asking for Hyper polish, ONR, optiseal, OCW and QD.


Some of the stuff I can keep inside the house, but not all of them.


Thanks for answering.

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Since we're in Memphis and freezing isn't an issue, I checked with Yvan LaCroix (Canada) who said he's never had an issue with it. Dr G states the only Optimum products where freezing could effect performance are:


Opti-Bond Tire Gel

Optimum Tire Shine

Optimum Compound

Optimum Polish


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Um...that doesn't make much sense. If the tire products are effected, then logically the interior dressing would be as well. And if the compound and polish are effected, then Finish should be, also. And if those three are effected, then the spray polishes should be too.


I mean that's just the way it seems to me, I may not know what I'm talking about.

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