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So four months ago when I purchased a new white car I immediately cleaned it with a chamois, then waxed it  with some Mothers paste wax .  Yes  I have learned a lot since then hopefully.
So then I learned about clay bars, bought one and clayed the car.
I have never used a hose on the car yet, we also have level 3 water restrictions here so you can only use a bucket anyway.  I have never used any carwash soap on the car.
I bought a 3.8 lt ( gallon ) of Optimum no rinse wash and wax and a gallon of Meguires X-Press spray wax. ( Blame Darren Priest and Optimum youtube videos)
I bought about 50 MF cloths. 

So I have been only using ONRWW  using lots of soaked MF towels and then the Megs spray wax.

  So now  I have learned about and about to buy an 8oz Optimum Opti-seal.

So here is my noob question please.   Is it OK to apply the Opti-Seal  over the ONRWW  and the Meguires spray wax??? Will the Opti-seal work down and bond with the paint ok please?   I sincerely hope the answer is yes :)
So if its ok , after I apply Opti-seal, I will of course continue rinseless washing the car with ONRWW, and is it ok to at times also use the Megs Xpress spray wax over the Opti-seal?
Thanks in advance and regards from North Queensland Australia.

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I would like to reanimate this topic:

Yesterday, I just applied Opti-Seal on a car paint, which I clay bared and IPA-cleaned before. Four questions:

  1. Can I layer Opti-Seal and will the gloss effect be enhanced? How many layers are recommended and what is the curing time?
  2. If the car is still somewhat wet, I can surely apply Opti-Seal, right?
  3. Can I use any Wax on Opti-Seal after one day of Opti-Seal application?
  4. What is better, a 2nd/3rd/4th layer of Opti-Seal or just a Wax layer on one layer Opti-Seal?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

BTW: Happy New Year!

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1. Layering actually means "filling the spots you maybe missed". I would do it right the first time and later on add more protecting using the product as a drying aid. There was info about the curing time on this forum in the Opti-Seal thread: 


2. You can but it will not last that well. I use it always as a drying aid after the ONR wash.

3. No-one can tell but probably every wax that don't contain cleaners and stuff that remove the sealant?

4. I think Opti-Seal sheets the wax pretty quickly but maybe you would have more of a wet look for a time?

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Similar to what NoSoap answered:

1. You can layer Opti seal if you want. 2 layers are enough to cover the entire car so there are no missed spots. Opti seal does not have any solvents in it so you could apply the second layer right after the first one. The car was usually glossy enough after the first layer for me so the second layer might enhance it a bit.

2. Yes. Opti seal is a great rinse aid. I use it to dry the car after I washed it with either ONR or Car wash.

3. Which one is the ANY WAX? Joke...You can use any wax you like on top of opti seal. Give it an hour before you do so.

4. Dont really know but I would do 2 layers of Opti seal (one after another) and after 1h a layer of wax or OPT Car wax...whichever you prefer. A nice oily wax would enhance the finish even further. Of course polishing before sealing would be the best option for glossy paint.

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