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SEMA is always an opportunity to present/announce new products.  New for 2017 SEMA are:

Optimum Clay Towel - redesigned for greater suppleness and durability

Optimum Clay Mitt - greater convenience with a mesh backing and gentle clay action

Opti-Coat Big Gold Sponge - softer and more dense construction

Optimum Compound ll - greater correction (up to 1500), improved finishing

Optimum Poli-Seal - improved durability and water repel, easier wipe off, more environmentally friendly, reduced product separation

Optimum Rotary Wool Pads (6" and 8") - interface backing, improved cooling, fewer pressure spots, smoother action

Optimum Ultimate Bedliner - revised into a 1 step application


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As stated in the SEMA broadcast, the Big Gold Sponge does not replace the BRS, but adds a softer, more dense version that coordinates with the Opti-Coat line of products.  The bedliner has been reformulated into a single phase application to simplify the process.  Optimum is always reviewing products to improve or increase ease of use.  Toddj, thanks for the video links -

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