Optiseal right after gloss coat application


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New to the forum and optimum products in general.

I recently applied gloss coat to my vehicle and followed up with optiseal giving only 15 minutes in between.  I read a comment from a detailer's YouTube video that gloss coat can be followed up with optiseal immediately after, but have now found this forum and read that there should be at least 1 hour cure time.

My question is how much did I affect the durability or strength of the coating by applying optiseal too soon? Do I need to reapply another coat? 

Another issue I had was condensation forming on panels after application of the gloss coat, due to being late in the day and higher humidity levels.  I went over those areas too with optiseal after I had noticed.  Would the condensation affect the coating's properties as well since they weren't protected in time?

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Dale, welcome to the Optimum Forum!   Humidity causes Coatings to cure, and high humidity should speed the process.  You may be OK with your Opti-Seal application if the Gloss-Coat was surface cured and the same for condensation.  The only way to know is to wait several weeks for the Opti-Seal to vacate, then spray your car with water to see if it beads.  If it does, odds are you're protected.

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