Big red sponge with the soap

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You could also use car soap with with a rock...Im not saying its a good idea, Im just saying you could.

BRS is a car washing sponge. It doesnt matter which cleaner you are using even though it was made specifically to work with ONR.

My philosophy is "If you can physically do it, then it can be done!"

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The Big Red Sponge can be used with soap, but it doesn’t work well, the Sponge gets loaded. 

The new Opti-Coat Big Gold Sponge works just as well with both Optimum No Rinse(ONR) and Car Wash Soap.

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On 5/6/2018 at 12:46 AM, No Soap said:

Why would one ever use soap again when ONR is invented? Even if you rinse the car with water, ONR is much safer IMO.

yes i am turning to the dark side as ron calls it lol

rines car 

foam cannon opti car wash 

two bucket wash with onr ring out mitt on ground then rinse in clean water   always put clean wash mitt in the onr 

rinse car then dry with spray wax 

why not stop  the soap

don"t realy like washing one panel at a time 

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