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I recently received my BRS and was curious how to care for and store the sponge. It's currently floating in my bucket of ONR, which I figured it would be the best place to store it, but I just read here that keeping the solution for an extended period may cause some issues. So my question is what should I do with the BRS between washes? 

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Some aparantly had issues with bacteria forming...I personaly never had an issue. If you use distilled water you are not gonna have that problem.

I ussualy just empty my buckets and keep my sponge stored on a grit guard inside the bucket.

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I store the BRS in a covered bucket with ONR solution (about half way) and with my clay towel draped over - keeps the sponge and towel moist but not soaked.  Occasionally I add to or replace the solution - I go by feel and smell, there's no timetable for frequency, assume it's dependent on bacteria growth.

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I wash the car twice a week with distilled water and ONRWW. I keep the solution for 2 washes then discard it. However I do leave the BRS in the ONRWW between washes. After the second wash I dump the ONRWW rinse the sponge and leave it sitting on the Grit Guard in my bucket(top off) to dry. I’ve never had any issues with the sponge or solution.

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