New Recommendation for ONR Use.


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We have had a few complaints about No Rinse smelling in the bucket and
smearing. No Rinse can go for days or weeks without growing bacteria,
however, over time it can grow bacteria and have a rancid odor. Once
this happens, the bucket and wash mitt/sponge should be washed with
bleach to remove all the bacteria before reusing them.

To avoid these issues, we are no longer recommending No Rinse solution
be stored for longer than one day in the bucket and it should not be
reused beyond the day it was made. This will completely eliminate the bacteria

The same day use does not apply to No Rinse quick detailer or glass cleaner as long as
they are in a sealed container and they are not exposed to contaminants.
Thank you.

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Never had an issue to be honest.

Just now I have a 3 day old ONR WW mix in a bucket in my garage I used to remove a bird dropping and a ONR mix in a pressure sprayer mixed with distilled water for almost a year now with no issue.

I must be the lucky one I guess :D

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I've kept a Big Red Sponge and clay towel in a plastic bowl of ONR (covered with micro fiber towel) for months.  Occasionally I've dumped and mixed a new batch.  Optimum suspects that the bacteria come from dirty towels/mitts/sponges dipped into or stored in the ONR buckets.  We want to be sensitive that people have varying experiences.  If storing ONR is working for you, great, if not, mix a new batch.

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On 10/2/2017 at 10:57 AM, boiler said:

No Rinse can go for days or weeks without growing bacteria...

What is the shelf life of diluted batch of ONRWS in a spray bottle or pressurized sprayer?

Just wondering, because I keep of wash dilution ONRWS in perssurized sprayer. After maybe a month I notice that the color of the liquid changes from blue to a cloudy white. It doesn't smell rancid, but it doesn't smell like blueberries anymore. Is this just a cosmetic change and the product is still effective?

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we really can't peg shelf life (variables like temperature, water quality, container, etc), but I've never had a problem in spray bottles.  The color and smell will disappear but that doesn't effect the product. If the mixture gets an off smell or slimy, funky feel, it's time to dump and mix a fresh batch. 

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