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Hello everybody! I figured I'd drop in to say hi and post a little introduction.

A few months ago I purchased a '16 Corolla and I decided to actually take care of this car as it's the closest thing to a new car I've ever owned. After a bit of research I decided that it would be more cost effective to wash the car myself. Fortunately for me I found out that I really enjoy making my car shiny and the end result was better than I expected. Unfortunately that resulted in me taking over the upkeep of my fiancee's and future mother-in-law's cars.

Now I really do enjoy washing them but doing a two bucket wash on three cars every Saturday put a big dent in my free time so I decided to try this rinseless wash thing I kept reading about on the web. I was a bit skeptical at first but after trying ONR I've decided to switch all of my detailing products to OPT. The sheer amount of time using ONR and the BRS save me is astonishing. As an added bonus it's quite easy and inexpensive which makes it a real winner since I'm lazy and cheap. ?

I also love asking questions and using too many words so I apologize in advance for the myriad inquiries and voluminous verbiage to come. 

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