2 week old Black F-150


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Hi, newbie here from New Orleans,

I have a Black two week old F150 Super Crew, I purchased the following items:

  • ONR
  • EAGLE 500 RD
  • Already had the grit guards

The more I read the more overwhelming it gets, especially with all the videos. What about de-contaminating the vehicle, should I use the clay bar on a two week old vehicle or use Opti FerreX.

What would be a fool proof procedure on a two week old vehicle, would it be safe to Opti Seal while drying once a month and then use the Opti wax three times a month as maintenance.

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With a coated car you should be concerning yourself less and not more ;)

All you need now are maintanance washes to remove dust, dirt off the car. I suggest you do the following:

Every 7-14 days:

- Wash with ONR and BRS.

- Dry with MF towel. You can use opti seal or car wax as a drying aid.

- Spray Power clean (dilluted 1:3) on the wheels and tyres and brush & rinse them...Wash them with whatever ONR is left from the wash and then dry. Use OPT Optibond or Tyre shine on tyres.

Every 6 months (before winter and before summer):

- Wash with ONR and BRS.

- Dry with MF towel.

- Spray Ferrex on paint...let it dwell for about 3-5 min and rinse well. You can do the same with the wheels.

- Clay using Opticlay and use either ONR or OCW as a clay lubricant...If you used OCW as a lubricant you can just dry and move to another panel (you have just clayed and waxed in one step). If you used ONR then just spray opti seal or OCW on the panel and dry.

Thats about it. Enjoy your coating.

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