Clarification on 2 different ONR products.

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Yes ONR is Optimum No-Rinse wash & shine.

Opti coat no rinse is a similar product to ONR w&s but supercharged...its more lubricated and ads more shine. The Opti coat line was designed to maintain opti-coated cars. OPT products will still work just fine but Opti coat line was designed to just work better.

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So can the Opti Coat line (Opti Coat No Rinse) be used in the same way as ONR wash and shine.   Meaning can it be used on a slightly damp microfiber to clean the interior and also do interior windows?  or since its supercharged will it potentially streak or leave unwanted product behind??

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As A&J states, the Opti-Coat line is formulated for Coated cars (but will work on any vehicle), is sold by authorized OCP installers and directly from Optimum (, but not through Amazon or other distributors.  The Opti-Coat products work in the same way and on the same surfaces as Optimum.

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