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Hello my name is Jake Graf and I recently started a detailing business "Hoosier Autoshine" here in Indiana as a part time gig that I hope might turn into full time. I am the father of 7 kids and love detailing. I am also very knowledgeable about heating and cooling since I have done that over the last 20 years. hopefully I can offer some advice on that kind of stuff while you all help me with the car care questions


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VAV systems or "variable air volume"  Systems have been around for a long  time in larger commercial buildings.  I have dealt with Carrier a few times but not with Lennox.  In many areas these are kind of being phased out because they are not that efficient. A lot of places are going to systems that are VRF Or variable refrigerant flow which gives a lot more control and comfort to the individual offices however that does come with a price tag  Does that help

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Share on other sites doesn't really help.  I'm familiar with the commercial application, but recently both Carrier and Lennox have come out with home systems that use proportional burners and...VRF?  Variable speed condensing units.  Carrier supports up to 8 zones while Lennox only 4.  In theory this sounds like a good idea (on a number of levels), particularly with the trend in new construction towards multiple units to destrat multiple floors...a lot simpler to do it with one variable system (from some perspectives).

I just don't know if this is one of those ideas that sounds good but doesn't really work out, particularly in a retrofit application, where it's likely to take a bit of demo to get the zone valves in, etc.  I'm not sure the Lennox system even supports enough slaved zone valves (I'm talking VAV dampers) to cover all my registers without a huge duct redo.  Plus all the thermostats have to be hardwired (I kind of thought only the main one and the rest would be WiFi).

It just sounds like it will be really expensive and maybe will be a white elephant...Lennox for one has had some miscues, like when they based that forced-air heating system on a stainless combination water heater and boiler, where they were taking the hot water off to a coil in the air handler.  That was an early high-efficiency system, maybe 20 years ago, and I'm sure resulted in a lot of customers that had neither heat or hot water, I had talked to a Lennox dealer at the time and he said he wouldn't install them anymore after doing a couple and I think taking one out.

So's the detailing business going? ;)

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OK I get where you're going with your question now and I would by far stick with Carrier over Lennox.  They are miles ahead of what Linux does another option might be to look at train they do a lot of this higher end zoning variable speed options. As far as the detailing goes I'm just getting started  But I am staying booked  For part time meaning about 3 cars a week and really enjoying it so thanks for asking

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Yeah...I don't like the Carrier dealer too much.  I think they are also the Trane dealer, I'll have to look into that...I've been somewhat unimpressed with Trane on the commercial end, I mean not 5 alarm fire unimpressed, just stupid stuff that doesn't really seem like it should happen.

3 cars a week, that's pretty good!

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