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TAR (Tar/Adhesive/Rubber) Remover is now available from opticoat.com:

Optimum T.A.R.™ Remover is a fast acting, easy to use, and environmentally friendly solution for removing tar, adhesive, and rubber contaminants from all automotive surfaces. Optimum T.A.R.™ Remover is based on soy and other natural extracts and does not contain any petroleum distillates making it safe for the consumer, the environment, and your vehicles and is safe to use on all automotive surfaces including paint, chrome, plastic, and glass. Optimum T.A.R.™ Remover is biodegradable and VOC free.





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How safe is this for delicate substrates?  Like the interior vinyl/plastic mentioned in that other thread?  Or leather or other seat surfaces?

Since it's mentioned as an adhesive remover, I'm sure any of us who are old enough have had a bad experience trying to remove adhesive from something, and the solvent we used damaged the substrate.

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  • 2 years later...

Luckily I didn't "believe" you so I tried using T.A.R. on my car with now rough sides thanks to "salt" (or whatever it is in Finland). Result was excellent!

Did this:

  • Washed both front doors with ONR (new formula) using the Big Red Sponge and dryed the panels.
  • Sprayed T.A.R. on one of the doors and Power Clean (1:3) on the other door (not at the same time).
  • Let dwell for 2 minutes and agitated gently with a microfiber towel (separate towels for each product). The T.A.R. towel was much dirtier than the Opti Clean.
  • Washed again (2 times) with ONR and the Big Red Sponge and dryed the panel.

Did only one test-side at a time e.g. one product at a time, after each other.

The Opti Clean side still felt rough but the T.A.R. side was smooth like a babys bottom! Added Opti-Clean on top.

Question: Could there be a danger with the T.A.R. or Opti Clean if one couldn't get everything cleaned off using BRS and ONR? Did wash inside the doors also with just ONR.

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