ONR with more "bite"?

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Try to use the BRS for the initial wipe and use a MF noodle mitt for the second pass. I find this combo gives me better cleaning. The sponge picks up the majority of junk and the MF noodle mitt picks up the rest. Also warm/hot water helps.

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49 minutes ago, Lowejackson said:

Maybe one of those fancy airless sprayers would be perfect.  Apex Details uses one with his rinseless washing routines or perhaps one of the battery powered sprayers (cannot remember the brand which is very popular), less power but much cheaper.

Worx hydro shot perhaps?

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Actually Brian at Apex uses the Krause & Becker airless sprayer.

FWIW, Here in MA this winter I have been pre-soaking with Opti clean  mixed 3-1 and then rinsing it down with a much cheaper Worx Hydroshot (See Worx store on eBay for great deals on them) shooting standard dilution ONR through it, Then I do a normal ONR wash, Works great but uses more product. I dry with opti coat and a Rag Company Twist & Shout

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For seriously contaminated vehicle (potential road tar and bug guts), I will do a pre-wash with Power Clean at 5:1 dilution ratio for something with more bite.  The issue is you do not want PC residue to be left on the paint.  I also don't like to contaminate my ONR bucket or BRS with PC so I typically wipe down the vehicle with ONR soaked microfiber cloths (a la Garry Dean wash method) then perform a full rinse and follow up with normal ONR wash using BRS.  Another issue is that PC at 5:1 will typically strip most LSP (wax or sealant)  so you should expect to top up your LSP unless you have something stronger on the vehicle like a ceramic coating.

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