Carpet & Fabric Cleaner - Do Not Buy

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A while ago I was sent a sample of the Carpet & Fabric Cleaner & Protectant  and aside from a quick test have not really had a chance to use this as I am currently without a car.  However, I recently spilt some coffee on our carpet and had a chance to test it.  Our carpet is about 10 years old and light grey in colour, the coffee was quickly soaked up with some MF towels and that is when I sprayed the CFCP on the carpet.  Left it for a minute and then agitated with a soft brush.  Residue was quickly removed and the carpet was left to dry overnight.

The following morning my wife was up before me, when I spoke to her I knew as was in trouble and she showed me the spot I had cleaned.  It was not good.  The spot was clean but much cleaner than the rest of the carpet and now we have a very clean spot which shows up the rest of the carpet.  This was easily fixed by moving a chair slightly so the spot is hidden from view.

So, be warned, if you intend to use this product on a light coloured carpet, do the entire carpet and not just one bit or face the wrath of your loved ones.


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Perhaps I should add a reason why everyone should buy the CFCP.

There is no shortage of good cleaners out there, to my mind what makes this product stand out from all of them is the residue control.  Most cleaners clean well but removing the residue is the hard part, if you don't get everything out then you can end up with sticky fabric or residue which reactivates when more water is applied.  Somehow CFCP avoids this, cleaning the residue is much easier than most other products for sale.

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I had some brown staining around the dead pedal on my just looked like it was staining that was going to be there forever (and it had been for a long time).  I wiped it with some CFCP and darned if it didn't make it look like new.  This is a product that I haven't gotten to use too much, but in that instance it really shined.

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