most effective method of applying power clean


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I've never used Power Clean in a foamer, but have tried every ratio.  How strong the mix is dependent on how big the job.  For really nasty wheels I spray 100% PC, for lessor jobs I've gone 50/50 or 1:3.  Videos of Yvan using with a foamer on his bus are quite impressive, for what it's worth.

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Thanks for following back up on this thread

In the end, I've experimented with both methods over the past few months and I still find using a spray bottle is the most effective for me

For wheels, I find it is more the agitation rather than the foam vs spray or even dilution strength that cleans the wheels and tires for me

For the body, I find there's more control using the spray bottle whereas it can be difficult to control the foam spray sometimes (I know I've seen people use this briefly on glass but I still prefer avoiding glass with Power clean if possible)

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