Using Onr as clay lube

Martin Gilbert

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If you are going to use an IPA wipe down, I would keep concentration between 10-20 %.  Any higher concentration risks causing the paint to swell which can be a huge issue when trying to do paint correction afterwards.  For applying sealant/wax, not sure on negative impact but I suspect it minimize the ability of the wax/sealant to adhere to the painted surface.  Optimum's Paint Prep (IPA for coatings) uses  an IPA concentration in the range of 10-12%.

Now if you are using an Optimum sealant or wax (Opti-Seal or Spray Wax), there is no need for an IPA wipedown.  In fact it can be sprayed on while still wet from ONR clay  solution and then dried and spread with microfiber towels. 

More efficient method if using synthetic  clay material (towel or mitt), you dampen the media with ONR then spray Optimum Spray Wax directly on surface and use the spray wax as the primary clay lube.  This allows you to clay and wax in effectively one step.

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8 hours ago, A&J said:

Why not just use OPT Paint prep???

One reason is that's hugely expensive as opposed to buying IPA and distilled water in the supermarket.  Not remotely suggesting that it's an equivalent, I'm just suggesting a reason why the OP might want to use an IPA mixture instead.

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In researching decontaminates for use prior to ceramic coatings, Optimum found that IPA was not a consistent solution.  When cleaning some polishes, specifically those with high oil content, IPA required several passes to remove residue.  That's why Dr G created Paint Prep.  Not saying it's the only solution, or cheapest, just a successful one. 

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